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Miami Tyre Service

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MIAMI TYRE SERVICE a division of Brian’s Auto Centre

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Miami Tyre Bays

Large Tyre Bays available for easy access

Free wheel inspection

Free wheel and Tyre inspection for your vehicle

4 wheel alignment

Modern wheel alignment bays for your 4WD  vehicles.

Miami Tyres Shop

Air Conditioned waiting room and 7 day per week service


Miami Tyre Service Gold Coast, a division of Brian's Auto Centre is your Gold Coast Tyre Service, trading 7 days per week including Sunday from 8am to 5pm.The latest wheel balance and wheel alignment technology is used with every new tyre purchased and fitted.


Miami Tyre Service on the Gold Coast will take care of all your new tyre requirements,with complete wheel alignment available as well as tyre puncture repairs, tyre rim safety inspection, tyre technical advise, professional tyre recommendations for your vehicles terrain and tyre wear irregularities.


Miami Tyre Service Gold Coast also cater for 4WD, low profile rims, Mag Wheels, as well as offering a complete tyre service 7 days per week including Sunday, with wheel alignment available 5 days per week. Our tyre technicians are there to advise you on the safe and best option for your vehicle 7 days.


Call Miami Tyres now 07 5578 6466